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ZAD. 6.

6.1. The postcard says that Miranda's mother
A. won an important competition.
B. received $20,000 from the Dick Clark Show.
C. qualified to take part in a TV show.
D. got a full-time job with Studio TV-15.

6.2. After getting the good news, Miranda's mother
A. bought some new clothes.
B. marked the date in the calendar.
C. went to the hairdresser's.
D. went shopping for groceries.

6.3. Miranda intends to help her mother by
A. preparing questions for her.
B. organizing Richard's birthday party.
C. making dinner every day.
D. watching some TV programmes.

6.4. Miranda may be called a 'latchkey child' because
A. no one is at home when she returns from school.
B. she hasn't got the key to her house.
C. her mother collects her from school after work.
D. she doesn't eat dinner at home.

6.5. Which is true about Richard?
A. He is a strict German teacher.
B. He doesn't like sailing.
C. He is taller than Miranda's mother.
D. He has a lot of money.

6.6. When her mother returns home, Miranda
A. wants to have dinner as soon as possible.
B. feels like having Wiener crispies.
C. is finishing her bag of crisps.
D. does not want to eat anything.

6.7. The story is about
A. a teenager who wants to take part in a TV show.
B. a mother worried about her daughter.
C. a woman preparing for an important day.
D. a family who intend to move to Germany.

ZAD. 7.

Dear John
I have some bad news. I'm afraid I can't come this weekend. I was on my way back from school when I think my documents were stolen. It must have been on the bus, I guess. Anyway, it's going to take two weeks to get new documents and I can't travel without them. Would it be possible for me to come next month - on the 4th or 5th of June?
I'm really sorry, but hope to see you in June.
All the best

ZAD. 8.

Hi Tom,
It was great to hear that you're coming over here. Chances are that it's going to be hot and sunny in August but bring something waterproof, just in case.
I want to arrange a get-together for all the guys who were in England last year and I was thinking of having it on a river-boat in Warsaw. Don't tell anyone, though, it's our secret, I want it to be a surprise for the others. Will the first Saturday, the 18th, be ok for you? Let me know ASAP so I can book the boat (it'll remind us of the trip down the Thames).
By the way, I think I left my guidebook at your place. Could you have a look for it? It was on the shelf so it might have fallen behind the sofa. If you find it please bring it with you.
That's all for now. Write soon

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